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Welcome to my portfolio! I'm a passionate cricket content creator, event manager, graphic designer, operations manager, social media manager, and videographer. Through my work, I aim to capture the essence of this sacred game and bring it to life. Take a moment to explore my site, where you can discover my portfolio, learn more about me, and delve into my professional background.

My Happy Clients

Strong partnerships are the driving force behind every successful innings, both on and off the cricket field. Just like in cricket, building a strong partnership with my clients is key to achieving remarkable results. Together, we create a winning strategy, collaborate seamlessly, and hit every goal out of the park. Join me in this exciting journey and let's forge an unbeatable partnership!
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Kendal James, Head of Participation at YCF

Having worked with Akhil, I can recommend he is highly skilled in planning strategically for marketing and promotion. Within cricket Akhil has a wealth of knowledge across all key working criteria as well as a love for the game itself.
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